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My online store is going to be on hiatus from the 16th until the end of the month! You have from now until Wednesday the 15th to place an order and get it shipped out before I reopen in August. If you’ve been thinking about getting something, now’s a good time to grab it!
...belatedly, for all the birthday wishes! You guys are super sweet. <3

As far as news goes, I set up a Patreon this month, so check it out if you're interested:
I'm going to be at Anime Expo this weekend, selling prints at table L33! Come say hi if you're going to be there!

Here's a map of where I'll be—my table is gonna be all the way in the back of the exhibit hall.
You can get free shipping on my prints on INPRNT this weekend! View my print gallery here.
I've gotten several notes recently asking about commissions so I thought I'd address them all here.

I do take commissions from time to time, as you can see in my gallery, but I am not accepting any more at the moment. I'll post an announcement here when I'm available.

Thanks everyone!
INPRNT is having a site-wide sale right now—everything is 20% off through Monday. You can find my prints here!
So a well-known blog on tumblr featured my work today, which is cool, but they linked here, which is weird, because I'm least active here of all the sites I'm on... so I just wanna point out a list of other places where you can also find me and follow my work!

inprnt (you can buy prints of my work here!)

Have a lovely day everyone!

I'm selling prints of my work through INPRNT. Here's my gallery!

If you have a request for a piece you'd like me to make available on INPRNT just let me know!
Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, everyone! It was a wonderful day <3
...that I do occasionally upload into my scraps, so if you're not already watching my scraps, you may have missed a thing or two.

Happy December, btw! And thanks for 10k pageviews! :heart:
What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the DD, and thanks for all the lovely comments/faves/watches since then! :heart:

I post almost everything I make here, but if anyone is interested in following me elsewhere, I'm very active on tumblr and twitter.

Have a good evening/whatever time of day it is for you!

mayakern and I will be at Comikaze at the LA Convention Center this weekend! You can find us in the Artist Alley at table AA511. I'm gonna be selling some prints and doing ink commissions. (Prints bought from my online store will be shipped next week, after the convention is over—thanks for your patience, guys!)

Hope to see you there!! 

I just noticed I now have over 1000 watchers here. Thank you guys so much!! I hope you all enjoy what's to come! <3
Hey everyone!! Sorry for the crazy bulk uploading, but I finally got my gallery here all caught up, so that should be the last of the inbox spam.

I recently made a Twitter so you can follow me there if you'd like WIPs and other nonsense, and of course I'm most active on my Tumblr, which might be a bit silly to mention since I think most of my watchers here found me through tumblr first, but JUST IN CASE?! There you go.

Have a lovely evening everyone!! :heart:

I'll try to spread out my submissions as not to spam everyone's inboxes all at once u___u;

Anyway so lately I've been busy helping out with the Ava's Demon Kickstarter by contributing limited edition art prints that you can get as rewards for becoming a backer! Check it out!! <3